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『HINA Matsuri 2019:IMAGINE JAPAN』Official Video

jcden/ April 10, 2019/ GALLERY, OTHERS

March 2nd (Sat) and 3rd (Sun), “Hinamatsuri 2019: IMAGINE JAPAN” Event Video will be released. Please visit “Youtube official channel of JCD” to see all videos. Enjoy!! IMAGINE JAPAN Tea Ceremony Performance at Hina-Matsuri 2019 IMAGINE JAPAN Hina-Matsuri 2019 IMAGINE JAPAN Neo Japanesque Live at Hina-Matsuri 2019 Dorayaki Workshop at Hina-Matsuri 2019 “Youtube official channel of JCD”.

Hinamatsuri 2019: IMAGINE JAPAN [3]

jcden/ March 31, 2019/ GALLERY, OTHERS

JCD acknowledges all the support from the event sponsors; the Consul General of Japan in Detroit, DIA and the Japan Business Society of Detroit and the many volunteers who made this event very successful.

Hinamatsuri 2019: IMAGINE JAPAN [1]

jcden/ March 31, 2019/ GALLERY, OTHERS

Hinamatsuri 2019: IMAGINE JAPAN by JCD was held in the Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA) on March 2nd and March 3rd. More than 5,200 people visited the DIA during this weekend with more than 8,000 individual visits to the various programs presented in 5 venues of the DIA.       Though the event was held in the middle of

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Ms. Masayo Ishigure, a Koto Performer!!

jcden/ February 23, 2019/ OTHERS, PRESS

Profile of Ms. Masayo Ishigure, a Koto Performer!! Koto Performance at Friday Night Live at 7pm & 8:30pm on March 1st (Fri), at Rivera Court. She also performs Koto at 3:45pm-4:00pm and Koto Workshop at 2pm-3pm on March 2nd (Sat) in Hina-Matsuri 2019 event. *click image for PDF.

NEO Japanesque, Fusion Music Performers!!

jcden/ February 22, 2019/ OTHERS, PRESS

Neo Japanese’s thoughts of ”IMAGINE JAPAN” Fusion Music Performance:2pm-3:30pm on March 2nd (Sat) & March 3rd (Sun) at Auditorium Check the profiles of NEO Japanesque & Ms. Masayo Ishigure now!!