Big Success! Hinamatsuri 2023 : A cultural event that connects people

Japan Cultural Development/ March 26, 2023/ OTHERS, PRESS

On March 5th, the Hinamatsuri held at the Detroit Institute of Arts for the first time in three years ended as a great success.

The event, featured ” Hinamatsuri Returns to the DIA”, attracted 3,369 visitors, the highest ever for a one-day Hinamatsuri event.

The six venues of the Detroit Institute of Arts were used for a variety of performances and hands-on workshop programs, as well as the exhibition and sale of works by a Japanese female artist living in Michigan, which was the first of its kind in this event.

It’s been three years since we couldn’t do this kind of cultural activity due to the COVID-19, but this year’s Hinamatsuri not only brought it back at once, but also made it a great success because we were able to connect many people through Japanese cultures.

I thank from my heart for all the performers who worked hard to plan, prepare, and perform the programs up to the day of the event, all the people who willingly accepted the volunteer activities, and all the staff of the DIA who worked together to implement this program.

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