[JCD Performer Series] San’Yutei Ponta (Rakugo-ka) Brings Laughter to Michigan

Japan Cultural Development/ March 9, 2024/ PRESS

Bio for San’yūtei Ponta and Description of the Event San’yūtei Ponta was born in Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture in 1985. He graduated from the Department of Sociology of Hosei University in Tokyo. In 2015, Ponta became the seventh disciple of rakugo artist San’yūtei Kōraku and he was promoted to futatsume, the second-highest rank for rakugo performers, in November of 2018.

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After the Hinamatsuri 2024

Japan Cultural Development/ March 9, 2024/ GALLERY, OTHERS

Takashi Omitsu / JCD Chairperson One year has passed since last year’s Hinamatsuri “Return to the DIA,” and this year marks the 10th anniversary of the Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA)’s revitalization, so we held a Hinamatsuri entitled “For Re-Birth of DIA.” It was held. The event was held on March 3rd, with good weather and a large number of visitors.

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Announcement: 2024 JCD Hinamatsuri

Japan Cultural Development/ February 7, 2024/ OTHERS, PRESS

The annual “JCD Hinamatsuri” will be held at DIA on Marich 3rd. This year’s theme is “ Re-birth”. This event is planned as one in which we will introduce art works created with the themes of “Re-birth”. Moreover, you can enjoy a variety of events including Hina dolls displays, tea ceremony, Japanese koto performance, ikebana arrangement workshop and Japanese sweets

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[DIA EVENT] Dolls and Diplomacy

Japan Cultural Development/ January 13, 2024/ OTHERS

Dolls and Diplomacy: The Japanese Friendship Dolls of 1927 Join author Alan Scott Pate for a presentation about a unique moment in Japanese-American history and the fine art of doll-making. In the late 1920s, during a time of escalating tensions between the US and Japan, two friends—Japanese business leader Eiichi Shibusawa and American educator Sidney Gulick—developed a program for children

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Upcoming Event “Edo Avant Garde” Oct. 2023 in DIA

Japan Cultural Development/ September 10, 2023/ OTHERS, PRESS

Time and Date: 7pm on October 19 (Thu) 2023 Venue: Detroit Film Theater (DFT) Tickets can be obtained at DIA.org     Edo Avant Garde, directed by Linda Hoaglund, explores the delicate beauty and variety of folding screen and scroll paintings of the Edo period (1603-1868), examining the innovative techniques of expert painters including Sotatsu, Korin, Okyo, and many others who

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Big Success! Hinamatsuri 2023 : A cultural event that connects people

Japan Cultural Development/ March 26, 2023/ OTHERS, PRESS

On March 5th, the Hinamatsuri held at the Detroit Institute of Arts for the first time in three years ended as a great success. The event, featured ” Hinamatsuri Returns to the DIA”, attracted 3,369 visitors, the highest ever for a one-day Hinamatsuri event. The six venues of the Detroit Institute of Arts were used for a variety of performances

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