Mission of JCD

Japan Cultural Development is a non-profit organization operated by volunteers who help promote friendship between local and Japanese communities through the demonstration of Japanese culture in Detroit, Michigan.

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JCD NEWS LETTER 『DIA Spring Events 2024/March-June』

DIA Spring Events 2024/March-June *Click image to download and view PDF.

Announcement: 2024 JCD Hinamatsuri

The annual “JCD Hinamatsuri” will be held at DIA on Marich 3rd. 
This year’s theme is “ Re-birth”. This event is planned as one in which we will introduce art works created with the themes of  “Re-birth”. 
Moreover, you can enjoy a variety of events including Hina dolls displays, tea ceremony, Japanese koto performance, ikebana arrangement workshop and Japanese sweets workshop. Free event with DIA admission.
2024 JCD Hinamatsuri Flyer ….*Click on image to download and view the PDF.

JCD NEWS LETTER 『Hinamatsuri 2024 at DIA』

Special Edition: Hinamatsuri 2024 at DIA
*Click image to download and view PDF.

Past Events 2017-2020 in DIA by JCD

Hinamatsuri 2020 “Spring starts here” HINAMATSURI -2020-
welcoming the Princess

[11/4, 5/2017]
[Past Events 2017-2019 in DIA by JCD (Planned and Implemented)]

• Hina-Matsuri 2020 in March 2020
• Hina-Matsuri 2019 in March 2019
• Symposium of “Interconnections Through Arts and Culture: American Museums and US-Japan Relationships” welcoming Her Imperial Princess Akiko of Mikasa of Japan as a special lecturer in June 2018. Curation event with Historical Friendship Doll between the US and Japan.
• Hina-Matsuri 2018 in March 2018
• Japan Cultural Days featured Japan Gallery Opening in November 2017
• Hina-Matsuri 2017 in March 2017


JCD organized the Japan Cultural Days Event to celebrate DIA’s newly installed permanent Japan Gallery. The event was held for two days where more than 50 traditional and contemporary cultural masters in dances, art crafts, and martial arts performed and exhibited their work. There was special transportation arranged so that people in the suburbs could attend. The DIA received over 7,000 visitors for this event.
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