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Japan Cultural Development is a non-profit organization operated by volunteers who help promote friendship between local and Japanese communities through the demonstration of Japanese culture in Detroit, Michigan.

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Painting Indulgence at the Otsuka Museum of Art

Painting Indulgence at the Otsuka Museum of Art (Naruto City)OTSUKA MUSEUM OF ART
Tokushima, Naruto City, Naruto Town, Naruto Park in JAPAN

I am belatedly writing about my visit to the Otsuka Museum of Art this summer. In any case, I was very surprised to find that some of the world’s masterpieces, gems, temples , churches, caves , etc. were made. In addition, since they are colored and baked on ceramic plates, it is a famous museum that puts customers first (for Japanese people especially), where you can freely take pictures.

Painting Indulgence at the Otsuka Museum of Art (Naruto City)Of course, no pieces are real, but they are made in collaboration with the original owners to look like them. (The factory for making ceramic plates is located in Shigaraki, Shiga Prefecture, a famous spot for Japanese pottery.)

Unfortunately, I could only stay in the museum for about 3 hours, so I was in a hurry to see it. I missed many important works for sure.

Under such circumstances, I will divide the report into five parts to describe as many as I can introduce to you…………

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DIA FAAC Newsletter 2022 Spring “500th Anniversary of The Birth of Sen no Rikyū”

DIA FAAC Newsletter 2022 Spring
500th Anniversary of The Birth of Sen no Rikyū
FAAC Newsletter 2022sen no Rikyū was born in Sakai, Osaka prefecture, in 1522. At 16 he started studying chanoyu, the way of tea, and at 18 he became a disciple of Take no Jōō, whowas the leading master of tea at the time. Jōō worked alongside with his spiritual teacher, Murata Jukō, to incorporate the Zen philosophy of “beauty in imperfection” into tea in the form of wabicha. Rikyū inherited those teachings and further refined the idea of wabi , cutting out everything non essential, thereby bringing wabicha to its peak.

Rikyū’s greatest accomplishment was revolutionizing the Japanese aesthetic sense. Rikyū changed the values of beauty so much that tea gatherings that had up until then been dominated by utensils imported from China and Korea shifted towards a preference for Raku tea bowls fired by Chōjirō and hanging scrolls that expressed the spirituality of Zen.

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Van Gogh in America at Detroit Institute of Arts at the Detroit Institute of Arts


I report some interesting works of Van Gogh that I was exposed from the Van Gogh Exhibition, which has been open to the public since October 2, 2022. (Note: Digression is mixed)

Takashi Omitsu
Board Member of Detroit Institute of Arts

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The Movie in DFT/DIA “A Page of Madness with Little Bang Theory and Yamauchi Nanako”

[Upcoming Event in DIA] The Movie in DFT/DIA "A Page of Madness with Little Bang Theory and Yamauchi Nanako"
Date and Time: 6pm on October 16 (Wed)
Fee: Paid Event
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This uniquely imaginative horror cult classic from the legendary Teinosuke Kinugasa (Gate of Hell) tells the story of a man who takes a job at an asylum in hopes of freeing his wife, who is believed to be imprisoned there. Thought to be lost for over four decades until a print was discovered in 1970, Kinugasa’s singular, avant-garde stunner contains thematic echoes of The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari – but with a surreal, terrifying flavor all its own.

“A balletic musing on our subconscious nightmares, examining dream states in a way that is both beautiful and highly disturbing.” – Nottingham Culture, BBC

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Past Events 2017-2019 in DIA by JCD

Hinamatsuri 2020 “Spring starts here” HINAMATSURI -2020-
welcoming the Princess

[11/4, 5/2017]
[Past Events 2017-2019 in DIA by JCD (Planned and Implemented)]

• Hina-Matsuri 2020 in March 2020
• Hina-Matsuri 2019 in March 2019
• Symposium of “Interconnections Through Arts and Culture: American Museums and US-Japan Relationships” welcoming Her Imperial Princess Akiko of Mikasa of Japan as a special lecturer in June 2018. Curation event with Historical Friendship Doll between the US and Japan.
• Hina-Matsuri 2018 in March 2018
• Japan Cultural Days featured Japan Gallery Opening in November 2017
• Hina-Matsuri 2017 in March 2017


JCD organized the Japan Cultural Days Event to celebrate DIA’s newly installed permanent Japan Gallery. The event was held for two days where more than 50 traditional and contemporary cultural masters in dances, art crafts, and martial arts performed and exhibited their work. There was special transportation arranged so that people in the suburbs could attend. The DIA received over 7,000 visitors for this event.
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