『HINA Matsuri 2019:IMAGINE JAPAN』Official Video

Jcden/ April 10, 2019/ GALLERY, OTHERS

March 2nd (Sat) and 3rd (Sun), “Hinamatsuri 2019: IMAGINE JAPAN” Event Video will be released. Please visit “Youtube official channel of JCD” to see all videos. Enjoy!! IMAGINE JAPAN Tea Ceremony Performance at Hina-Matsuri 2019 IMAGINE JAPAN Hina-Matsuri 2019 IMAGINE JAPAN Neo Japanesque Live at Hina-Matsuri 2019 Dorayaki Workshop at Hina-Matsuri 2019 “Youtube official channel of JCD”.

NEO Japanesque, Fusion Music Performers!!

Jcden/ February 22, 2019/ OTHERS, PRESS

Neo Japanese’s thoughts of ”IMAGINE JAPAN” Fusion Music Performance:2pm-3:30pm on March 2nd (Sat) & March 3rd (Sun) at Auditorium Check the profiles of NEO Japanesque & Ms. Masayo Ishigure now!!