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Master Eiji Kinoshita PhotoPotter Eiji Kinoshita was born in 1963 in Kokura of Kita-Kyushu City, Fukuoka Prefecture. After seven years of training at the pottery workshop of Koishiwara-yaki in his hometown, Kinoshita moved to the Kunisaki Peninsula of Oita Prefecture to build his own kiln.

Inspired by an object he saw in France, and in admiration of the natural beauty of stones, he developed his own style of ceramic design. Kinoshita's method, called carbureting, uses very high heat and lots of smoke; the smoke then permeates the pottery, creating unique tones of black and gray. This process also provides a natural luster to the final earthenware. While his pieces look like displayed art, they are meant for everyday use.

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map_Master-kinoshitaMaster Eiji Kinoshita
Ohita Prefecture JAPAN

+81-978-54-2836 (His art studio)
Email: eizi@d3.dion.ne.jp

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